Artillery 3D Printers FAQ - Hotend Problem

by Samet Sayar on Feb 16, 2023

Artillery 3D Printers FAQ - Hotend Problem

Mintemp/Maxtemp Error
1. Check the thermistor, make sure it’s connected securely:
a. If it’s not, reseat the connector;
2. Wiggle the thermistor cable to see whether the temperature fluctuate:
a. If the temperature fluctuates while the cable is connected securely, go to step3;
3. Take off the silicone sleeve (if applied), do a visual check on the thermistor cable to check for defect:
a. The thermistor could be defective / damaged, replace the thermistor.
4. Check the FFC (see Temperature shows -15/0)
5. If the connection is secure, and there’s no problem on the FFC / connectors, the next steps requires removing the bottom panel (turn off and disconnect AC power):
a. Remove the bottom panel and swap the cable connecting to E1 thermal and Bed thermal (check Appendix 1 for reference);
b. Connect AC power and turn on machine (be careful not to touch electronics inside the housing);
c. Look at the temperature:
i. if the bed (which is hotend now) looks normal, while the hotend (now is the bed) still having problem, it indicates the problem is on the mainboard E1 thermal, there’s 2 options:
1. Replace the mainboard;
2. Use E2 thermal instead, and it requires making small changes in firmware source code and reflash, (check Appendix 2 - How to flash firmware)
ii. If the temperature looks normal on the hotend (now the bed) and abnormal on bed (now is the hotend), it indicates the problem lies somewhere in the connection from the thermistor to mainboard, please contact customer service for further assistance.
6. If all the above checks out, carefully remove the thermistor from the hotend, and connect it directly to the main board;
a. If the temperature shows room temperature, thermistor is fine and the problems is in the connections;
b. If the temperature shows -15 or random number, it indicates a defective thermistor, replace the thermistor.

Thermal Runaway / Heating Failed
1. Make sure AC is connected and power is on (screen will turn on when USB is connected)
2. Do a power cycle and try again (mainboard may freeze from previous error)
3. Heat up the hotend from the touch screen manually
a. If it heats up normally, it could be a result of step 2.
b. If it still failed, please do the following:
i. After pressed heat, look through the exhaust cutout on the side and check if there’s a red LED turns on
1. If no red LED turns on, it could be a problem on the mainboard, please contact customer service for further assistance.
ii. Apply heat to the heater block and check for temperature changes on screen,
1. if temperature doesn’t change, check for problem on thermistor
2. If temperature changes, go to next step (requires a multimeter)
iii. Remove the extruder plastic cover
iv. Check for continuity on the heater cartridge pin (see Appendix 3 - Breakout Board Printout)
1. If there’s no continuity, it indicates either the connector is not connected securely or the heater cartridge is defective
2. If there’s continuity, check the voltage to make sure it’s 24V.
a. If the voltage is not 24V (or close), do a PSU checking (see Printer Not Powering On)
b. If the voltage and continuity checks out fine, check the resistance of the heater cartridge, it should be around 9Ohms.